Personals with Coach Ricardo Jimenez

Do you prefer a more one on one approach to learning? Perhaps you’re not a person who likes group fitness, and you are looking for more of a personal experience? Sometimes your schedule may not fit with the standard group classes and you may need a separate, personal session? Or maybe you love group classes but you want extra practice and focus just on you. Personal sessions are customized specifically for you, and Coach Ricardo Jimenez offers specialized personal training to fit into your specific schedule, budget, and, pace, ability, and comfort level. Personal training can be purchased individually or in discounted packages, and these sessions are great for beginners all the way up to advanced fighters. Don’t let scheduling conflicts or other roadblocks get in the way of your fitness journey. You can fit it in! Personal sessions can be a very affordable way to bypass these situations and make sure you’re right on track to a new you. Personal sessions can also be scheduled with our other fabulous Dragon-Snake coaches as well!